The Moses Movement

Pray for Kids In Crisis all over the world

Family Preservation



At Ignite Hope, we know that you have a heart for children and the ministry of child welfare, which spurs you to want to help kids in crisis worldwide who do not have a support system in place. We created the Moses Movement to help provide individuals like you with a plan to intercede with strategic prayer.

Many circumstances cause kids to be in crisis and it’s why we named this movement after Moses.  It is important to note that Moses’ parents were legally married. He was not a child born out of the irresponsible decisions of two. However, their societal realities made it impossible for them to be able to keep their child.  It is important that we do not assume that three hundred and fifty million children are orphaned by their families due to a lack of love or faith.  Moses was in crisis despite the love and faith of his first family.




With the Moses Movement, Ignite Hope facilitates volunteers as intercessors through strategic prayer.  Praying for kids in crisis based on the challenges of their geographical regions makes a difference in the spiritual well-being and healing of these children, their first family, transitional family, and permanent family.

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Your intercessory prayer will make a difference for these kids in crisis.  When we feel powerless and hopeless, God parts the waters and provides a path forward. 

All we have to do is pray!