Moses Movement

Oct 5, 2022

Moses Movement

The Moses Movement is a global prayer effort of the Ignite Hope organization. We seek individuals, families and small groups who have a heart for orphans and the ministry of orphan care, and assign them to cover specific geographic regions, people groups and countries in strategic prayer. After year one we were able to come up with a ministry update report that we request international organizations to fill out and return quarterly to be shared with prayer partners.



Psalm 96:3, ” Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.”



The heart behind: MM came about organically. After our first few months in ministry, one global orphan care organization after another reached out to us in hope asking for the strategic prayer support that we were offering families domestically through Hannah’s Hope. After a year of gathering prayer needs, information and data, we have created a way for prayer warriors to support an organization, Executive directors, orphanage nannies and even the children digitally through scripture-based prayer, encouragement and Bible Truth.



If you are interested in joining in the efforts of the Moses Movement and praying with us for those around the world, contact us.


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