Moses’ Adoption

Oct 6, 2022

Moses’ Adoption

Moses floated down the Nile

For a long, long while,

On the raging river’s whirls

As if God’s sail had unfurled

To catch the wind’s breath

And save him from death.


Pharaoh demanded Moses killed,

But the threat was stilled

Against the little Hebrew child,

And Pharaoh himself was beguiled.

His daughter found Moses’ basket,

And said, “This will not be his casket!”


The first Biblical adoption commenced

And Moses’ back was never bent

Under the burdensome yoke of slavery

Because of his mother’s bravery

In sparing his life from the womb

And robbing the grave of his tomb.


Moses grew behind palace walls,

And began to resent Egyptian law

Permitting the abuse of Hebrews,

The abuse from which he was rescued.

He saw the abuse of a Hebrew man

And killed the Egyptian with his bare hands.


Moses’ act became known

To Pharaoh on his throne,

And he sought to kill the Hebrew

Because of the Egyptian he slew

So Moses fled to Midian,

His life to begin again.


And God heard the groaning of His people.


He called Moses from a bush aflame

Gloriously stating His Holy Name

For He had heard the slaves’ cry—

“Save us or we will die!”

So Moses went back to the Egyptian king

To protest the Hebrews’ great sufferings.


Pharaoh hardened his heart,

Refusing to let the Hebrews depart

Until there were great signs and plagues,

Making Pharaoh change his ways.

The Hebrews fled the land

Across the desert’s dry sand.


Through many difficult years,

And countless fears and tears,

Moses led them through the wilderness,

And fought against his bewilderment.

The adopted Hebrew child

Led his people through the exile.


Moses climbed up to Mount Nebo

And surveyed the Promised Land below.

With undimmed eye and unabated vigor,

He had endured 40 years of rigor.

In the land of Moab, Moses died,

But in his life, God was glorified.


If it wasn’t for Pharaoh’s daughter,

Baby Moses would have been slaughtered,

And the Hebrews remained enslaved

To the Egyptians and their ways.​​

Praise God for Moses’ adoption!

Pharaoh’s daughter didn’t despise this option!


In sparing one life, she spared millions,

In preserving one soul, she prepared billions,

For the law Moses received

Prepared all people for true belief

In the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ,

Who bought their souls with His sacrifice.


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