Ignite Hope by Numbers – 2016 Year in Review

Oct 5, 2022

Ignite Hope by Numbers – 2016 Year in Review


14 – Number of children represented by the families serving on Ignite Hope’s Board


10 – Number of families partnering with us on our Prayer Advisory Board – Task Force Gideon


300 – Number of hours grandparents donated to homeschool lessons so Mommy and Daddy could work


43 – Number of minutes it took Jacqui to tweet out her first Ignite Hope tweet – good grief!


176 – Number of pepperoni slices consumed at two Ignite Hope family training events


354 – Number of individuals touched by training and conferences talks in past year


2 – Number of businesses incorporated in Georgia by the Jacksons in an effort to equip and empower adoptive and fostering families


228 – Number of diapers changed by other helpers during Jeff and Jacqui’s “work hours” three days a week


60 – Number of hours Miss Emily donated to Ignite Hope to help keep the wheels on for our family


17 – Number of hours it took Shelia Harper to fly to Atlanta for the first board meeting


7.5 – Number of hours it would have taken Shelia to drive to Atlanta instead (can you say plane trouble?!)


15,982 – Number of individuals who have subscribed to one of our four devotional offerings on YouVersion to date


456 – Number of hours writing, editing, revising, and then tweaking our first book


10 – Number of Gilmore Girls’ seasons watched while writing that same book


0200 – Number representing our average bedtime in military time


1 – Number of years we’ve been officially serving fostering and adoptive families through Ignite Hope


5 – Number representing the average amount of coffee drinks Jacqui usually drinks per year


5 – Number representing the average amount of coffee meetings Jacqui has taken per month since July


45 – Number of reclaimed wood pieces gifted to Ignite Hope to make an actual office wall


11.5 – Number of hours it took this family of six to make the 7 hour 32 minute drive to the CAFO conference in Florida


18,000 – Number representing the total amount of our first dollar for dollar match for our capital Campaign, Be the Spark that Ignites Hope


47 – Number representing the longest amount of minutes it took Jacqui to remotely connect to the weekly team meeting


6 – Number of homestudy approved Ignite Hope-coached families currently waiting for a phone call to meet their newest child!


11 – Number representing the average amount of texts or emails received by the founders per work week from the Hannah’s Hope families


24 – Number of families actively engaged in the Hannah’s Hope company spiritual wrap-around services


1.5 million – Number of dollars donated to the prayer software being gifted to Ignite Hope


50,000 – Number of dollars needed to get this prayer software up and running next year


0 – Number of Ignite Hope coached families who have stopped the process of fostering and adopting when the going got really tough – PRAISE THE LORD!


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We believe every child deserves to live of belonging and spiritual well-being. For this reason, we are Champions for Children Preborn to Permanency.


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