How college led me to orphan care

Oct 6, 2022

How college led me to orphan care

The following blog was written by Hadley McCartin, Ignite Hope’s intern for the summer season:

College has, hands down, been one of the most incredible experiences of my life thus far. To be honest, the moment I finished this past spring semester, I was wishing my mom could switch her less than two-month-long summer with my three-plus-month-long summer. Like many of my fellow college students, I had absolutely no idea what I planned to do for my future occupation, so I looked into internships to gain experience and exposure in different fields of interest.



I had never heard of Ignite Hope before this May. It was not until my parents mentioned that their friends had started a nonprofit and were looking for interns that my interest was truly piqued. I talked to Jacqui Jackson about my passions, the ministry’s vision, and the intern’s purported role, and she welcomed me aboard with open arms. Becoming an intern was fairly relaxed and enjoyable. I initially worked with social media, but my duties eventually expanded to include publications and childcare.



Ignite Hope seeks to be the voice of the Modern Orphan, so it is based around individual lives as opposed to simply advancing the ministry for personal gain. Practically, there is so much more to it than the business aspect. One of my duties is to help with childcare in order to give the Jacksons free time to network with other ministries. Getting a glimpse into their personal life has revealed how God guides them as they juggle parenting four energetic children with leading a new ministry. This experience has given me a newfound respect for the Jacksons and everyone else who diligently seek to help the Modern Orphan. Seeing their desire to care for orphaned children further advanced my desire to dedicate my life to helping others, even if it means disrupting the “ideal” lifestyle of security and leisure.



Furthermore, hearing how lives have been impacted through Ignite Hope is one of the most satisfying experiences. Being able to impact strangers’ lives is one of the most rewarding feelings. As an intern, I often do not have direct contact with families in the process of adopting through Ignite Hope, but seeing how my small deeds relieves burdens on other Ignite Hope team members is reward enough. Minor acts, such as babysitting the little Jacksons, are both beneficial for Jacqui and Jeff and enjoyable for me.



Overall, my experience at Ignite Hope has been invaluable in providing experience in orphan care while motivating me to continue to help others in the future. I am so grateful God led me to this role for a season.


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