End of Year Retrospective

Oct 5, 2022

End of Year Retrospective

A well-know car manufacturer is using the slogan “the journey home” implying that we should use their vehicle to arrive at our destination! The mention of home brings to mind the thought of family -a place where we are loved and cared for regardless of circumstance. Imagine now an orphan who desires to make that same journey home, but doesn’t have the resources, or the knowledge of how to get there? What vehicle do they use? Ignite Hope seeks to be that vehicle with strategic prayer being the “fuel” to help the Modern Orphan along their journey to arrive at the destination called home where their family waits for them to arrive.



I am excited to share with all of you the “Wins” God has accomplished through Ignite Hope this past year. Our Hannah’s Hope ministry, with its wrap-around support has helped and resourced a dozen families along their journey including two finalizations! The Discipleship Division was able to instruct over 25,000 individuals including orphan care providers, social workers and families through conferences, seminars and trainings with the information and tools necessary to successfully navigate their orphan care journeys. Lastly, the Moses Movement ministry is poised to launch “The River,” a web-based platform created by WePrayGlobal, to touch thousands of individuals and families who have walked into the space of orphan-care, throughout the world, with focused prayer. These countries not only the United States but also include the countries of India, Uganda, Kenya and Sierra Leone and Malaysia, to name a few.



What I have learned while working with Ignite Hope’s ministry efforts, is that God wants to touch the life of the Modern Orphan, one child at a time. He utilizes various means to accomplish that end. So when we see these numbers – be they large or small – each total is arrived at by adding one child to another, and so forth. When we hear about these successes, visualize them through the children you see every day – one child at a time.



Please come and join us on this journey. There is room in “our vehicle” for each of you. We are praying for Board Members, prayer partners, monthly giving partners and anchor churches as we prepare to begin our 2018 ministry year. If you feel that God may be moving you to invest time or treasure in Ignite Hope, please connect with us at www.ignitehope.online And please remember Ignite Hope seeks to be the vehicle that helps unite the Modern Orphan with their forever family, and we also desire to see God unite each orphan with His family… forever!



John Jauregui

Ignite Hope

Chairman of the Board


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