Director of Prayer

Ignite Hope, Inc.
1635 Old 41 Highway Hwy, NW
Suite 112-241
Kennesaw, GA 30152

Time Required: 10 Hours a Week  

Start Date: Immediately

Do you have a heart for Jesus, Justice, and Kids? If so, this opportunity may be for you! Ignite Hope is a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to serving kids in crisis and the families who care for them! We Advocate, Resource, and Empower kids and families in this space legislatively and within the local church. Ignite Hope works pre-born to permanency on behalf of any kid in crisis, because we believe there is a reason why some kids are attacked from the womb. This is because this is a Kingdom Calling upon their life, and we ensure they have ample opportunities to heal from the trauma and loss that can attack kids in the child welfare system. The community and the church often have the heart to serve, and just need straightforward ways to engage with these kids to honor the first family, the transitional family, and the permanent family. We are trauma-aware and child-honoring, ensuring that the programs, training, events, and resources that we create, collaborate on, or curate is in line with Best Practices. Ignite Hope actively develops ramps to serving families and kids, as well as ways for families to receive resources and support in a dignified manner.

Job Description: Ignite Hope Director of Prayer

Remote /In-person job opportunity about 10 hours per week with a justice-minded, non-
denominational Faith-Based ministry working in the space of Child Welfare.

Ideal Candidate Key Characteristics:

      • Resourceful –  Being resourceful helps find and fill individual needs. Healing wounds created from trauma and crisis events, addressing both physical and spiritual needs.
      • Compassionate – Because it is difficult for these children and those standing with them to address their physical and spiritual well-being alone

      • Faithful Follower in Christ – As a faith-based organization, we have seen how strategic prayer has provided those we support the tools to face the spiritual battle every day so that they can become champions for children.

About the Role:

The Director of Prayer is responsible for Ignite Hope’s Spiritual Growth initiative as it pertains to
prayer – specifically with respect to our Partner in Prayer Program. The primary emphasis is on the
administering and reporting of our Partners in Prayer (PiPs) who support our efforts
domestically and globally. The spiritual discipleship of the Hannah’s Hope leadership teams
(Captains/ Directors) in an effort to impart to them spiritual truths, Biblical precepts and
encouragement so that they can in return pour that out into the families that they support with
the strategic prayer that is our ministry’s key distinctive.

Spiritual Growth encompasses as follows:

    1. Mentorship – the DOP encourages and assists the HH PT Captains with spiritual
      guidance, direction, and insight needed for supporting their orphan care families/
      caregivers in Biblically sound support.
    2. Discipleship – DOP will facilitate spiritual growth for the leadership teams individually and collectively by utilizing the format within the scope of the mentoring activities.
    3. Small Group Activities (Digitally or in person as the DOP determines best fit the needs
      of the group at the time) The DOP will assemble small groups of leaders either in person
      or digitally to coach leaders in best practices of prayer, Biblical precepts, and spiritual
    4. Training – the DOP will assist in training opportunities for HH prayer teams, Ignite Hope
      Leadership/ Board or Staff and Anchor Churches either through webinars, videos,
      written materials, devotionals, or prayers.
    5. The PiP’s will be interacting directly with the families, the region updates information,
      and the daily/ monthly prayer needs and updates. This Director will interact with the Pips
      in a group format – digitally bi-monthly or once a month as needed – encouraging,
      and sharing bible truths and best practices.

Time Commitment and Overview:

The average DOP requirement will be 10 hours per week.

Our ultimate goal is for Ignite Hope’s DOP to be a spiritually mature, prayer warrior who understands Spiritual Warfare and is able and willing to impart the weapons of warfare found in Ephesians 6 to the Prayer Warriors (Captains/ Directors/ Teams etc.) who step forward to stand in the gap for these families and ultimately for these children) so that we can teach them how to battle in the heavens for their own.

The DOP will report to the CEO and to the Executive Team.
The DOP will attend our weekly online team meeting on google hangouts on Fridays at 10 am