At this time

Oct 12, 2022

At this time

This season is unprecedented.

Personally – it is the end of an era, as our youngest child will be a Pre-k grad by the time we hit May. It’s unprecedented because after 3 older kiddos, Baby Boy may be the only one who doesn’t get a celebration around this milestone. As the world hunkers down in an effort to get ahead of the virus – the ramifications will be international, national, state-wide and yes, personal.

With all the information going around the internet, text streams and other avenues right now, I’m thinking that each of us is starting to consider the ways that we may be impacted- no newsworthy issues, though the stats and the healing may in fact be a part of our personal testimony during this time – but in these intensely familial changes:

A paycheck that isn’t forth coming because you have to be there in person in order to
get paid, an elderly family member who comes down with the virus, a child who deals
with anxiety struggling with the onslaught of change and information, or maybe you
are like me and seeing a long-awaited, precious rite of passage that may not come to
fruition: prom, mission trips, last family spring trip, Easter with the grandkids.

What ever it is that you hold close and dear to your heart, I want to share a truth with you right now: Jesus sees your concern. He cares. This virus is not happening in a vacuum it is having a direct effect on industry, economies, governmental decision, and human hearts. It is in real ways reminding us how human we are and just how much humanity will mean in the coming days

Social distancing does not mean walking this out in fear but finding creative, healthy, and unique ways to find community. Might it feel artificial at first, I’m thinking Yes. For those of you familiar with the enneagram, I am a 7 and a possible self quarantine for weeks on end already has me in heart palpitations- I have a high degree of FOMO that I have somehow passed on to at least one of my progeny but I am welcoming (an intentional choice to be sure) this time to BE STILL with my family, with my hubby, with my God.

Its almost like God has put us in a big time out as a world family. He didn’t cause this, but I do believe he is allowing it in an attempt to redirect our eyes and our heart heavenward. When I reframe in faith, instead of in fear, I am able to find joy in suddenly having 4 strong-willed kiddos at home full time, while figuring out how to run the ministry God has given to us- Ignite Hope.

It’s a family ministry, so we will do it as a family. This is a world wide pandemic, so we will weather it as a global family and the opportunities created by our electronic connectedness will afford us great opportunities to be present for one another.

One of the greatest programs that our ministry offers is Strategic Prayer. Some families are blessed by serving together. Opportunities to serve right now, especially with kiddos, may be thin on the ground but we have families, orphanage directors, and other entities that need specific PRAYER RIGHT NOW.

If this interests you, please connect with us as to find out how to get connected as a prayer warrior. The least of these: the kids in foster care, those in child protective services, in orphanages, awaiting adoptions – these kids need to be covered because I truly believe this virus is a battle we will need to fight in the natural and in the supernatural through strategic prayer.

As we prepare for this unprecedented shift in culture, Ignite Hope is hoping to bring Truth and Encouragement to parents, to families – those who are in the space of orphan care – and those who aren’t – because right now – we are one community, one heart – regardless of geography – and Thank the Lord – Technology let’s us be there for one another.

Please check out our videos on youtube and as we encourage families and friends during a crazy time!
Please consider hosting a watch party, sharing this invitation with your social network, and connecting with us online at

We’re walking this out with you. We’re walking in obedience with you by hosting these events, because for most of my motherhood, I have struggled with anxiety and possibly you have too.

So as one voice we want to give you the opportunity to say
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6 – 7

Let’s Bang on the gates of heaven!

Love, Jacqui

We believe every child deserves to live of belonging and spiritual well-being. For this reason, we are Champions for Children Preborn to Permanency.


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