Oct 3, 2022


Reading the title of this blog, you probably started thinking, “Hey thats the name of a Disney character” or “Wasn’t she the lost Russian Princess?” You might also recognize the name from other blogs as it is the first name of the author of this blog.

If you have spent anytime in a Greek language class, you may know why Anastasia is the title. Anastasia is the female version of the Greek word for RESURRECTION. (The crowd goes-ooooohhhh)

I was pulled aside in the fourth grade by my pastor and who proceeded to tell me my name is the most biblical name not included in the English bible. I thought it was so cool, and as I have gotten older it has not lost its coolness factor.

I love the song below by Elevation Worship. It brings the coolness factor to my mind everytime I hear the lyrics.


“Your name, Your name Is victory

All praise, will rise

To Christ, our king

By Your spirit I will rise

From the ashes of defeat

The resurrected King, is resurrecting me

In Your name I come alive

To declare Your victory.”

Jesus did not die on the cross for Himself. He died for you and for me. He did not let death get Him down,

He Anastasia’d!


I hope todays coolness is not lost after the eggs are put away and the candy coma has worn off.

Happy Anastasia day to you and your family.


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