An Adoptive Momma’s View of Birthdays

Oct 5, 2022

An Adoptive Momma’s View of Birthdays

Today is my son’s birthday. I began the morning on my knees at 5 a.m. praying over all the little hearts God has gifted me to impact….they have impacted me so much more than I could ever imagined. Lest you mistakenly think me one of those joyful morning-people, allow me to be candid. After my pra



yer time, I climbed gratefully back into bed, and a mere two hours later when I heard the sounds of little feet dancing towards my door, I skillfully negotiated an extra 30 minutes of rest from the Hubs.



But when I heard Buddy’s voice – my heart leapt. I called him over to snuggle with me amid the blankets and the sqiushy pillows. I held him close and kissed his head, already sweaty with play and the thrill of His Day finally showing up on the family calendar.



His sweet and salty little boy scent filled my nostrils and my heart squeezed. I began to tell him His Story….How 6 years ago today Mommy was begging God for a baby…and how 6 years ago today his Birth Mom was praying to God for a family for his son. How as we prayed and wept, he was born amid angel cheering, and with God singing over him.



I shared how his big sister’s prayers immediately changed to cover his earthly needs, even though none of us this side of heaven knew exactly how that date changed the trajectory of each of our lives….



And he smiled an impish grin…squeezed me tight around the neck and jumped off the bed mid-story.



So I sat moved by emotion and nostalgia…alone on the rumpled bed, as one of the greatest 5 miracles in my life ran off to tackle a cousin.



The hubs laughed, wearing a Super Dad shirt and a grin. “You need to make the story more ecxiting to keep his attention.” I laughed along with him and casually threw back…”Maybe if I included dragons and peril?” We both laughed…I rolled over intent on reclaiming my lost sleep….but sleep wouldn’t come…because it hit me.



If I could revist that day in history, one that maybe didn’t make headlines nationally, but one which forever changed our lives….what would I see if I looked through God’s eyes.



Would I see heavenly Angels battling over the life of my young child. Would I see two mothers bent in a similar posture, weeping tears of hope and loss and surrender to the Only One who could make the hard things right? Would I see dragon-like demons attempting to derail a life not yet lived….because I really do believe their is a reason that some children are targeted from the womb – because they have a Kingdom Calling on their life.



I almost called my son back to fix the story, to add to the story – to share the full story…but then I heard laughter and silliness, and joy and love coming from the den as brothers, sisters, and cousins played rough and tumble as adults attempted to manage the melee while serving up eggs.



And so instead I prayed…in tears of thanksgiving for the woman who chose me….prayers of hope over the child we both love, and prayers of humility knowing that day years ago was the day the wheels in heaven turned victoriously and changed all our lives…forever. Amen.

We believe every child deserves to live of belonging and spiritual well-being. For this reason, we are Champions for Children Preborn to Permanency.


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