Champions for  Children

Pre-Born to Permanency


Fighting for the unheard cries of Kids in Crisis by supporting child welfare in our families, churches, communities, and government.

Family Preservation

What ARE Champion’s for Children


For awareness and change of issues that affect children in crisis in our communities, Churches and Government Institutions..

Resource Managers

Who help to fill the physical and spiritual needs left by trauma and crisis events for these Children and those who stand with them.

Empowerment Coaches

For Children in Crisis and those who chose to stand with them to win the battle for their physical and  spiritual well-being.

One Problem facing Children in Crisis are all the myths about who they are.

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Children in Crisis Need Champions

You can help these children find a path to healing from the wounds left by the trauma of crisis events.

  • Left to government systems alone these children can grow up without the HOPE, support and healing, making them feel angry and helpless.
  • Nearly 13,000 children are in Georgia’s foster care system alone
  • Every Child and family situation is unique and needs an individual resources.

Why Ignite Hope?

The Truth is that the government has laws and a system that is not equipped to deal with the wide range and ever-changing issues these children in crisis face every day.

We all know at least one story of a child falling through the cracks of a system that is just not set up to fill every need.

This is why it is important that together we Advocate for awareness and changes to create support and resources at an individual level within our families, churches, communities, and government.

Imagine a World where every child has a supportive loving family.

Please join us as a Champion for Children by empowering us to continue this critical work of empowering healing. Let’s all Ignite Hope for Children In Crisis.

Becoming a Champion for Children in Crisis in Three Steps.

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Work Together

Together we will create a unique battle plan on how we can work together to best support the current need.


Implementing this strategic  battle plan will empower these children and those of us who with them win the battle for their physical and  spiritual well-being.

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Stop letting these children stand alone without the hope for the future blessings that God has in store for them.  Ignite Hope for Children in Crisis and together we can light the path that leads to Physical and Spiritual well-being for everyone.